Thursday 17 September 2009

Acoustic Tour News

17 09 2009

Deine Lakaien are happy to announce that before the start of the 'Acoustic' tour, there is going to be a first 'Acoustic' performance at the "Plage Noire" festival taking place November 14. this year.  

Tickets and detailed information are available online:

Further great news is that due to high demand one of the 'Acoustic' Tour concerts is almost sold out.
There are only 50 tickets left for the concert in Cologne (E Werk).

All upcoming "Acoustic" Tour dates:
14. Nov. 2009    Weissenhäuser Strand       Plage Noir (Festival)

Deine Lakaien / Acoustic Tour Part 1
30. Nov. 2009    Hanover                            Theater am Aegi
01. Dec. 2009    Dresden                             Lukaskirche
02. Dec. 2009    Cologne                             E Werk / with seats
03. Dec. 2009    Ludwigsburg                     Forum in the Schlosspark
Deine Lakaien / Acoustic Tour Part 2 (ADDITIONAL CONCERT DATES)

14. Jan. 2010    Munich                       Postplalast
16. Jan. 2010    Dortmund                   neues FZW
17. Jan. 2010    Offenbach                  Capitol
18. Jan. 2010    Berlin                          rbb Sendesaal
Booking: in cooperation with IN Phase Event GmbH
Ticket pre-sale: or by telephoning 01805 570000