Wednesday 26 May 2010

Thank you from Alexander Veljanov

26 05 2010

Dear friends and adherents of the "Lakaien family",

I would like to thank you for your large interest in my solo work.
It seems that it is not easy to accept that the singer of a favorite band also likes to work on his own projects.
I particularly appreciate to see that "Porta Macedonia" has been generally recognized and adored by so many music lovers.
Hoping that my musicians and I were able to create an interesting and wonderful time for all those who were ready for it.
In the name of all participants I would like to thank you for everything, wishing that the number of music lovers will grow permanently.
In the end it is passion only which counts, because that's what makes life worth living.
All experiences of the last years are giving me strength, happiness and energy to keep on singing, to write and record new songs. Lastly, the concerts are showing you and us again and again why paths are crossing.

In this spirit,
not a "Lakai", but yet thankful.
Alexander Veljanov